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In a recent turn of events, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R was discontinued in the Indian market due to its outdated Bus-4 engine, which did not comply with Indian emission norms. However, Kawasaki enthusiasts in India have reason to rejoice as the company has unveiled its smaller yet potent sibling, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 4R, which has garnered a phenomenal response.

Reason for Discontinuation of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R

The primary reason for the discontinuation of this bike in India was its non-compliance with the BS6 emission standards, a significant update mandated by the Indian government in April 2020. Kawasaki had not updated the BS6 engine in the bike, leading to its exit from the Indian market. However, recent developments suggest that this iconic bike may soon make a comeback on Indian roads.

The Revival with Upgraded ZX 6R BS-6 Engine

Reports from various media channels indicate that Kawasaki is actively working on reviving this little beast in India, this time equipped with an upgraded BS-6 engine. While it has been spotted on the testing track, an official confirmation from Kawasaki is still pending.

Anticipated Changes in the New Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R

The new ninja is expected to undergo several significant changes. Notably, its design is set to receive a bold makeover, featuring aggressive LED headlights, a sportier appearance, and aerodynamic enhancements, among other updates yet to be revealed.

Cutting-Edge ZX 6R Superbike Features

The forthcoming beast promises to be a technologically advanced superbike. It will have Bluetooth connectivity and a state-of-the-art 4.3-inch full HD TFT display. Additionally, it features a reading mode, which optimizes fuel efficiency for city riding. To enhance the bike’s performance, modern features like traction control, quick-shifter, and three power modes will be included.

ZX 6R Powerful Engine Performance

Under the hood, the new Ninja ZX 6R will boast a formidable 636 CC inline 4-cylinder BS6 engine. This powerhouse is capable of delivering a whopping 127 BHP of power and 70 Nm of torque, ensuring an exhilarating riding experience.

Launch Date and Price Expectations of ZX 6R

While media reports suggest a launch in the final month of 2023, no official confirmation has been received from Kawasaki yet. We eagerly await further updates regarding the exact launch date. As for the price, since the new model has not been officially launched, it is difficult to estimate. However, industry speculations hint at a price point of around Rs 10.50 lakh.

In conclusion, the Kawasaki revival in India with a BS-6 engine promises to bring back the thrill and excitement that this iconic superbike has always delivered. With its cutting-edge features, powerful engine, and revamped design, the Ninja ZX 6R is set to captivate the hearts of motorbike enthusiasts once again. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated comeback.

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